A Different End-to-End Solution for Product Information Management (PIM)

The term End-to-End is used a lot in marketing jargon. Now, I will jump on that wagon too.

In reality, no solution will be an End-to-End solution for all your business needs. Therefore, my take will merely be to cast some light on an End-to-End need for which there are only very scattered solutions today.

If we look at Product Information Management (PIM) there are many good solutions for taking care of the End-to-End needs within your organisation. The aim is to gather the product information that exist within your organisation in various silos, have one trusted place for all this information and being able to publish this information in a consistent way across all channels – the omnichannel theme.

However, product information does in many cases not live just within your organization. In most cases, it lives in a business ecosystem of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and large end users.

Therefore we need an End-to-End solution for product information that encompasses the path from manufacturers over distributors to retailers and large end users and in some cases the way back.

If you are a distributor or retailer, you can use the Product Data Pull service to achieve tangible business outcomes through:

  • Having complete, accurate and timely product information in front of your customers. You will sell more.
  • Having a fast and seamless flow of product information from your upstream trading partners. You will reduce costs.


Black Friday 2017 Product Data Pull

PDL_Illustration_HowAboutYouBlack Friday 2017 is closing in.

One way to compete as a merchant is to have the most complete and accurate product information in front of your customers.

Using Product Data Pull fromĀ Product Data Lake is the way to get that done as fast and effortless as possible.

In the Black Friday spirit, we offer a free onboarding of your product portfolio if started before 24. November 2017.

All you have to do to get started is pushing your product portfolio with the required product information you need from your suppliers to us. And perhaps answer a few questions.

Then we will:

  • Create a Product Data Lake testing account for you free of charge for 6 months *)
  • Put your product portfolio into Product Data Lake
  • Put your product attributes into there as well
  • Put your digital asset types up there too
  • Even put any related products requirements in play also

After that, you are ready to ask your suppliers to join, giving them a way to provide product information in the format, structure and taxonomy they have.

You will then be able to pull your product information in one uniform way and let your suppliers push it in their many ways.

Read more about Product Data Pull here.

Interested? Get in touch:

*) A testing account allows 3 partners, 4,000 products, 2,000 digital assets and 3 users